Vehicle Recovery Leads

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Vehicle Recovery Leads

Using the website to generate 1100+ vehicle recovery leads  We are able to provide work anywhere in the UK. More information below:

  1. Customers are quoted using our automated quoting system with all prices fixed (so no bidding or undercutting.)
  2. Agents receive notifications via our app for local recovery jobs. The area you cover can be adjusted within the app.
  3. Agents can contact the customer via the APP using phone call, WhatsApp or text message. Simply book the job in and all funds are collected by you with zero commission to pay.
  4. Customer receives your contact details as one of the nearest agents so they can call you. 
  5. Only £40/week or £120/mth (1week free by paying monthly) cancel subscription anytime.


All our services are by weekly/monthly subscription on a pay as you go basis with free cancellation anytime. We use Paypal (no account needed) to collect weekly payments or you can pay by bank transfer.

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